So this is the part where I introduce you to the woman behind the words. Obviously you know my name, but here is what you don't know...

I was made in England in 1992 and that’s where I lived until 3 months before my 21st birthday when I packed up my life and boarded a flight to Melbourne, Australia. What was supposed to be a 1-year working holiday quickly turned into 6 of my best, most transformative years. After a few months of travelling around Asia, I reluctantly moved back to the UK last year and am already searching for different ways to re-pack up my life and leave again! 

At (nearly) 28, although I am technically a grown-up, I am still growing into myself. I am by no means a fully functioning adult; I avoid wearing a bra if I can, I have more parking fines that I care to admit, and I eat pickles out of the jar. I cry at anything even remotely sad and I love red wine so much it’s inked on my skin! I make myself laugh even when no one else thinks I’m funny and have a serious love affair with sunsets. If I were to describe adulting, I would say it is like walking on a tightrope, a delicate balance of intricacy! I am motivated and lazy, I am enthusiastic and apathetic, I am productive and I procrastinate! See… bALaNcE!  

Often I find my brain running wild, circling thoughts about a broad range of topics; I feel like my brain is connecting dots, recognising patterns and dropping pennies. I’m either realising shit or realising I don’t know shit!

I am just a millennial in search of answers; why is the world the way it is? What are we here to learn? How can we be better humans?

Amongst the prominent think-pieces, this blog will also include a little bit of everything; all aspects of ‘Life with Ashleigh’ – travel, lifestyle, beauty and fashion! It is my hope that this blog will act as a hub for others traversing uncertainty in their life as I dissect a wide range of captivating topics and take you through my inner wonderings!

Peace and love <3

Ashleigh x


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